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The state of North Carolina has some of the most restrictive ballot access laws, ranking as one of the most restrictive in the entire nation. According North Carolina General Statute Chapter 163 Section 96(a)(2) to initially gain access to the election ballot, a political party must obtain signatures from 2% of the total number of citizens that voted in the most recent general election for the office of Governor. This means, for the Constitution Party of North Carolina to gain access to the ballot by 2012, and to be able to field candidates to appear on the ballot under the Party’s name, we must obtain at least 85,379 signatures. We actually need to obtain more than this number since only about 70%-75% of the signatures we turn in will be certified by the local County Boards of Election for various reasons (i.e. individual moved out of state, not registered to vote, or in the worst case died). So, in reality we need to obtain approximately 114,000 to 122,000 signatures. Please help us by downloading our petition for ballot access here and our Petition Instructions for Political Party Ballot Access sheet, then you can begin gathering as many signatures as you can to put toward the total number needed. Please be apart of ensuring your right to vote is acknowledged in 2012 and to work for better more free elections and the principled constitutional stands of candidates from the Contitution Party of North Carolina.

The Constitution Party of North Carolina stands strongly opposed to these high restrictions on the ballot, and the harmful collateral cost incurred to freedom due to these restrictions. We believe that laws such as these, that unduly restrict the liberty of the individual citizen are a violation of our United States Constitution, Declaration of Independence, North Carolina State Constitution and God-given rights. We call on the citizens of North Carolina, regardless of political affiliation, to stand with us and tell our elected representatives in the North Carolina General Assembly to break down these restriction on liberty and restore the people’s right to vote unabridged, or face the risk of having to finding a new job.

Petition Procedure/Instructions

1. Download and print as many petitions as you need (1 for each County you will obtain signatures from), and at least one Petition Instructions (PDF) sheet.

2. Petitions are County specific, so be sure that each petition has the name of the County at the top. Only allow registered voters of that county to sign that specific petition.

3. Before an individual signs:
      a. Make sure they are a registered voter of the county in which petition they are signing.
      b. Inform them about what they are signing and be able to provide information about the Party, or where to find more
      information, if asked. For this purpose, print off at least one Constitution Party of North Carolina 2008 Platform
      for perusal by prospective signers here.

4. Have registered voters sign the petition, filling in all the information requested by the petition, legibly. Legibility is important, as it can cause a signature not to be certified if the County Board of Elections claims it is unreadable.

5. If possible, please make a copy of petitions that you send into the County Board of Elections just in case petitions are lost in the mail or if the State Party is need of them for other reasons deemed necessary by the Ballot Access Committee. Also, please let the Party’s Ballot Access Committee know that you have submitted signatures by e-mailing us at or calling us at 1-88-VOTE-CPNC Ext. 702 (1-888-683-2762 Ext. 702), so we may contact you in the future if we come in need of the copied petitions.

6. Submit petitions as soon as possible to the correct County Board of Elections. Please be sure to send petitions from separate counties to the correct counties. You can find the mailing address for all 100 County Board of Elections be clicking on the link below:

All 100 County Board of Elections Mailing Addresses

If you have any questions about the Party’s ballot access petition drive or ballot access in the state of North Carolina in general please e-mail a member of the Ballot Access Committee below.

For More Information You May Contact the Ballot Access Committee Co-Chairs
Jordon M. Greene –     |      Kevin E. Hayes –

Organizations in North Carolina and Nationwide that advocate free
elections that the Constitution Party of North Carolina suggest visiting:


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