Friend of the Party Member

A. Friend of the Party status is designed for any individual who (1) donates financial contributions, resources or time and efforts (2) does not wish to become a Full or Associate Member or, (3) they may not meet the requirements to become a Full or Associate Member.

B. Requirements
1. Current in Party Dues or Waiver as permitted in Article V of these bylaws.
2. May not agree with all or any of the Essential Core Values of the Party as prescribed in the Constitution Party of North Carolina Platform.
3. Acknowledge and abide by Article I Sections 3, 4 & 5 of the North Carolina State Constitution.
4. File the Membership Registration Form along with the Friend of the Party Membership Affirmation form.

C. Privileges:
1. No privilege which Full or Associate Members are entitled to are granted to Friend of the Party members.
2. No Friend of the Party may be allowed to represent the Party in any official capacity.

Friend of the Party Affirmation

The Constitution Party of North Carolina requires that I, as a Friend of the Party member, must acknowledge and understand that I will not engage in any activity or belong to any organization that attempts to or promotes armed rebellion or the illegal overthrow of the legal Federal and/or State Governments as stated in the North Carolina State Constitution in Article I Sections 3, Section 4 and Section 5.